Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cowboy Casanova - SoCal Photog Shootout

Last Friday, I was able to attend the SoCal Photog Shootout Event that was themed "Cowboy Cassanova". It was bright and sunny afternoon. A long drive where I was from and even farther for others. The location was TCR Ranch in Temecula. It was actually quite warm while we were in the sun however, once in the shade, it got cold really quickly. Fortunately, I had a jacket with me to keep up with the rapid changing temperatures. Like other shootout events, we were quickly divided into groups, with each group being led by a photographers teaching different topics. Gavin and Erin Wade discussed the fine art of white balance and manual shooting. Matt Saville talked about harsh lighting and how to deal with it. We did have some pretty harsh lighting that afternoon so it was great to have hands on in dealing with the light. Yvonne LeBrun talked about posing and working with the models along with Teale Landstedt. Dana Grant talked about making friends with your clients. And Derek and Sarah Frenzel discussed composition and posing. For each group we had various models. They were: Allyson Hoehl, Ashley Gregory, Crystal Leland, Kristin Keating and Eryne Shan. Hair Accessories by: Heather Lynn Wilging Molina. Hair and Makeup by: Melody Rachunok, Brandie Bedell, and Kacee Geoffroy. Dinner was catered by the Taco Guy and afterwards, Rob "Ninja" Nicholson, gave us a talk regarding observation and planning strategies in order to achieve better business success. It was a great event and I really learned a lot.

more photos here


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