Friday, April 23, 2010

OC SMUG Meeting

Last night, I attended the OC SMUG Meeting. It's a monthly meeting sponsored by SmugMug that encourages photographers to get together and learn about various topics. There are SMUGs in various locations across the country. You can find one near you here. They employ various guest speakers every month to talk about a certain topic. Last night was regarding how to market to your target audience. The speaker was Lawrence Chan which is a photographer as well as a marketing consultant for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine (Spring Summer 2010). It was a very enlightening talk and really gave us an idea of how to better market ourselves to our customers through transparency and leveraging social media. Afterward, as usual, some photographers and I went to grab some food and talk about various topics. I really enjoy these meetings since you get to meet  people with similar interests and get more insight into the photography industry. We also found out that the OC SMUG now has a new leader. Congrats to Hanssie Trainor will be taking over from Jasmine Star. You can also join the Facebook group for the OC SMUG here. As usual, all SMUG meetings are free and open to all so if you're interested, find out one thats happening near you and stop on by. There will be one next week in Riverside and it will be featuring Rob Nicholson. For more information about that go to this website. The leader of the Riverside SMUG is David Wolf. He's a great guy and works in SmugMug customization so if you have a SmugMug site and want to make it look awesome, he's the guy to contact.


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