Tuesday, May 25, 2010

LA Shoot This! Star Wars Theme

It was a Sunday afternoon.. with scattered clouds and moderately cool temperatures, as we gathered on the grass at UCLA. A small group of photographers with LA Shoot This! had gathered for a Star Wars themed photo shoot.  Joelle Leder, the founder and leader, had organized this event. We had several Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion who were dressed up in authentic costumes ranging from Storm Troopers to Darth Vader himself. In addition, we had Amanda Goraleski, Lindsey Cloud, Sarah Hathaway and Alex Cranmer as models to incorporate into some photos. Chris Diset, Doug McNamee and Kerry Garrison were also there to lend assistance.

This was a fairly casual event, although I did hear some grumblings that it was a bit disorganized since photographers were just taking models to shoot with no defined grouping. As a result, most photographers simply wandered around and took shots as they could. I did a fair bit of wandering around as well. It was amazing to see the 501st Legion. I spoke to the person who was wearing the Darth Vader costume and he told me how originally, when he bought the costume, it was around $800 dollars. He then modified it to be the exact replica of Darth Vader in Episode 3 which made the costume now worth over $4000 dollars. He had worn the Darth Vader costume the previous night as well as he conducted the Pasadena POPs orchestra as they played the Imperial March. Not that many people have that time of dedication and time to put into making these intricate costumes. It was truly an honor to have a photo shoot with these guys. They were very professional and easy to work with. The location at UCLA gave us a more futuristic look since in contrast to the rest of the campus, these buildings were not made of brick, but rather grey concrete.

In addition to those mentioned, the following also deserve credit.
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Makeup - Doris Lei
Hair - Amanda Goraleski
Here are some shots from the shoot:

 Group photo by Joelle Leder...

The rest of the photos are located here.


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